A Bar on the ground floor

The Cyclops hotel has a bar with air conditioning on the ground floor equipped with WIFI

You can drink your aperitif, the juice pressed from oranges, pineapple or drink a Beninese flag while enjoying the peanuts, coconut nuts, and toasted cashew nuts.

You can buy peanuts,of coconut, and cashew nuts, roasted and packed in recycled drinks bottles.

A restaurant in the 1st Floor

You can have breakfast with an omelet.

On the occasion of breakfast, you will meet the "Chef" of Hotel Le Cyclope ask African specialty for lunch or dinner.

He will be happy to satisfy your request!.

Then you can finish your meal with fresh fruit and sweet (pineapple, mango, papaya)

But if you want to eat Western the master of hotel French can help you in your choice.

fish sauce

You will have a great selection of seafood (sea bass, grouper, carp, shrimp, crab, etc. .., shrimp near the lagoon), and also, beef, mutton, all prepared with shrimp sauce, gbékoui, groundnuts, etc.. or simply grilled.

You can also taste the famous "chicken bike"

At the hotel the chef offers to accompany your meal: rice, the aloco, the akassa, or,French fries enhanced with chilli served at will and according to your taste.

vegetable sauce

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